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Surviving Jane by Ginger Gillenwater

From the book:

Surviving Jane is the compelling story of a seventy six year old Jane who was severely abused as a child. Through years of being told not to tell anyone, in fear of the leather belt that her father welted her with many times, the guilt that Jane felt into her teenage years lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Failed suicide attempts, concealed self-mutilation and the realization that her family knew of the abuse and did nothing taught Jane that it was okay to let go of the guilt and to trust in those few special people who showed up in her life.

 Through the detailed accounts of Jane's abuse, and the realization that what had happened to her was not in any way her fault, the reader will find more than just a traumatic story. What the reader will find is how this woman overcame the odds and later used her experiences to provide a voice for those undergoing the same afflictions. You will feel her pain, share in her joys but most of all you will experience not only how Jane survivors life, but how Jane survived herself.

Some highlighted areas of the book:

 "I think I surprised a lot of people when I was getting published with very little rejetion and was getting requests from people all of the time to use my poetry in their publications or their websites. It then didn't become just a healing mechanism, but a way to show people what I was feeling inside. It was a way to allow people to peek inside of my soul and see what I was really like"

This book is a detailed account of the realities behind childhood sexual abuse. How it weaves into the fabric of ones life, how survivors cope with life, family responses and how survivors can heal and help others. It highlights the need for supporters - from the young girl who helped her during her school years to others who came in and out of her life. 

The book website:




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