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Welcome to Whitedoves Nest - a site dedicated to survivors of sexual abuse and those that support them 

"Highly developed spirits often encounter resistance from mediocre minds"  Einstein
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Submissions wanted....
Do you have a tip, article, poem or art work that you want displayed on these pages.  Whitedove's Nest utilises Content Management Software to ensure your submission can be easily placed within these pages. 

We are currently accepting submissions from survivors, supporters of survivors and other concerned citizens wishing to voice their opinions concerning sexual abuse.  You can do this now by clicking the Share your Story link.

If you wish to have your own story displayed on a separate page, please use the contact us form to submit longer pieces or email directly to

Why submit your story? 

It has been kept a secret so long, you have been forced to keep it quiet, or you are wanting to comment on the injustice.  You can tell your story here for all to see on the web.  You can do this anonymously if you wish or use an alias name.

AM I ANONYMOUS -  Yes, please submit knowing no one knows who you are. Say what you wish, positive or negative. State how sexual abuse has effected you and your life. State details of the abuse, in as much detail as you wish to state. You do not have to state detail if you do not wish. If you cannot submit today, bookmark this page and visit another time when you can. When you do submit, it can take a while to display. Please be patient.

What has been submitted so far?

Submissions received from the general public for display on this website include:



Graphic Art

Photographs of Art


Survivor Stories

Messages of support

General questions

You Tubes

Why not add yours?


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