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"Highly developed spirits often encounter resistance from mediocre minds"  Einstein
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Submitted by ThornsofPurpleRoses

She was two years old when her father married his mother
She was enthralled with the idea of a new big brother
She loved him immediately
And he loved her too
He was happy to teach her all
That a sister is supposed to do

She was six years old when he taught her something new
It was their little secret, though, something between only the two
Her daddy said she could trust him
So she did without a clue
She was far too young to know
This isn’t what a sister is supposed to do

He was a monster in a caring disguise
He wanted a power trip despite her young cries
He justified it in his head
She wasn’t blood so it was fine
He knew she couldn’t fight, he was stronger and older
Older by years, a total of five

She was seven when they moved to a new town
There were rooms between them, so she let her guard down
The first morning he could
He drug her from her bed by her feet
He locked her in his room
Used a pillow to stifle her screams

She was nine when she finally got brave
She lied about the bruises that of course he gave
Saturday morning cartoons
Soon became a source for terror
He’d always make sure the others were distracted
She never spoke up, and that was her only error

He was a monster with words like honey
He kept witnesses quiet with stolen money
He was a sick individual
And his friends were no better
He’d lock her in the bathroom and let them all watch
They’d say she could leave, but they never once let her

Again at eleven she chose to fight
She was getting stronger, braver every night
But her strength wasn’t enough when he gave his next threat
She knew she was stronger
Better she than her sisters
So she decided she could handle it a little while longer

By twelve she was numb to the pain
She was still weaker, but she had the brains
He could lie all he wanted
They’d all believe him, maybe
But as she started to develop
It would be hard to explain a baby

He was a monster but he was more of a coward
He could play the monster, he didn’t care about his victim in her tower
He was a psychopath
He cared only for himself
She was the survivor
But her prize wasn’t a trophy on a shelf

Her prize was seeing the fear drown his gaze
Her prize was having no more fear-filled days
Her prize was a chance
Her prize was learning too
That was never something
A sister was supposed to have to do.
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