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"Words evaporate on my tongue.  I scream but it goes unnoticed. The screaming is in my mind." Binks
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You love You

Its the monsters breath
Getting slight
He is trying to get at you
With all his might
He is trying to scare you now
As he did before
And here you are trying to calm and more

You thought this would be easy
Not as hard as this
You have been given ideas
To return to bliss
You dont want to lay vunerable
To the monsters teeth
And really you know
Whats lying beneath

But what if he's not, that monster in disguse
What if he is just a nice kind man
Who wants to help as he tries
It is your filter, the monsters put on
Effecting you now every year on
The panic you feel, is the filters glare
Reminding you of the times back there

All I know now, is you can escape
You can keep yourself safe
Not put up with his hate
You have the power, deep within
That little girl loves you
Your protecting her from sin

So here is a flower
She gives you for now
She lets you cry, she lets you howl
She lets you shake, she lets you ball
She lets you walk, she lets you crawl

You have held her hand, through the worse terror yet
Something 99 percent of people would rather forget
You can protect her, you can get through
The courage is right there
Because You love You.

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