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"The same girl who laughs and talks a lot and seems very happy is also the girl who may cry herself to sleep " Crystal Adams 
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That 2.93

He sits there

Listening with a flower

Behind his back

The fortune teller

All covered in black

There are books on the bookshelf

And bears there too

He is telling your fortune

Just especially for you

And the poster in the background

He shows all around

Not taking a pause

From his devine fortune found

And here I just enter

Wanting to know my fate

And this mixed heritage teller

Is just telling me about hate

When they laugh at him slowly

With his fortune beware

He just sits there listening

To the laughs with no care

And then when they debate

He says pay my fee

Let me tell you your fortune

For 2.93


So I sit there and think

From within me

My inner voice

My creativity

Just, what should I ask

What should I say

What is keeping me going back

Again such today


Its not the answer I'm seeking

Im wanting to know

If I am actually strong enough

To just say how it goes

Can I get up the courage

To tell another my past

Face to face, I do solemnly ask?

And he sits there and stares

Straight back at me

Do you really need to pay

That 2.93?

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