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"I hope you know why I'm crying;  as my tears know you're the cause" Elnaz
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The Girl and her IceCube
The little girl
Near the sun
With its rays
Striking out
Holds in her hand
An icecube
And looks at it
It will melt the sun
And you sit there
And look at the little girl
In all her futility
Hope against hope
That the little icecube
Will actually make a difference
To the suns shining rays
Laughing at her
I mean hysterical laughter at her
"Its crazy" you say to her
That won't work at all
It will fry before it even gets there
The sun is so hot, it will just
Turn to steam
"Don't throw it" "You can't really think that will work"
"No way in the world will that work"
And another hysterical laugh bellows from your mouth
Alone the little girl stands in her belief, the taunts she takes
And so reaching back
She throws it
And it lands near your feet
And seeing it you realise
What the little girl is saying
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