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Bobby's Socks

‘Bobby’s Socks’ unveils victim pain long after pedophile is gone. 
A little-known fact about victims of pedophilia—they often think of killing themselves and they often do. While some may associate the child sex abuse suicide rate with the repeated trauma of the abuse, turns out it’s more complicated than just that—much more complicated. 

One day in the spring of 2008, author Nathaniel Sewell ran across an article about Epigenetics, the theory that child abuse could mark genes in the brains of its victims causing suicidal tendencies. The Epigenetics story piqued Sewell’s interest and caused him to reflect on his own life and his own struggles with depression while facing the harsh reality of his childhood. A year passed as Sewell struggled with what to do with this new-found information. Meanwhile, he began noticing various stories suicides—inevitably, many of the victims had a history of child abuse. It was then that Sewell’s concern for these victims turned to anger. He began imagining a story that would help people gain a better understanding of victims of child sexual abuse. With encouragement from his wife, Rebecca, Sewell started writing and in the fall 2010 Bobby’s Socks was born. 

The novel opens by allowing readers to look through a tragic window of childhood death at summer camp within the hills of Appalachia as Mr. Diabolus sexually assaults nine-year-old Robert. Robert’s brain traumatized, a shame-based gene was switched on as a gentle whisper within Robert’s mind says—kill yourself. Robert, was more fortunate than Diabolous’ other victims, meets Ardee—a happy tomboy of a girl. She renames him, Bobby, her Bobby. Ardee moves away and years pass as Robert descends into mediocrity. Ardee, now a woman, stumbles back into Robert’s life. A sequence of events unfolds after Ardee convinces Robert to seek help medical help when she accidentally finds out about his tragic childhood. Ardee’s motherly instincts kick in and she does what every abused child prays for—she hunts down a predator, she defends her Bobby. 

Sewell knows what a “silent scream behind sad eyes” means and hopes others will learn what it means as well when they read this first novel. Along with re-introducing Epigenetics in a most creative way, “Bobby’s Socks,” also lets the reader in on how pedophiles groom their victims and the lies they tell to keep them quiet. 

Sewell, now a Florida resident, was born in Lexington, Ky. and graduated from Henry Clay High School and the University of Kentucky. 
Print and e-versions of “Bobby’s Socks,” can be found at and and wherever e-books are sold. 

Information about the book and the author can also be found at the publisher’s Web site: 


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