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Welcome to Whitedoves Nest - a site dedicated to survivors of sexual abuse and those that support them

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"  - Albert Einstein

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Congratulations! An anonymous person on WOSIB voluntarily submitted this website to receive one of our awards. The WOSIB Judges have reviewed your site and it has won the Women of Strength & Inner Beauty Gold award (Personal-Intermediate) the highest award of the three given in this category.

Judges Comments: “This site is visually appealing the graphics and colors flow nicely through out the site and the site loaded quickly for dsl and I was able to navigate the site easily. I do plan on revisiting this site.”

“The site is well laid out & very informative. All of the links are working properly. The graphics & colors are very soothing & calming to the eyes. It's also very well organized. The information that is posted is current & nothing is out dated. I would visit the site again. I have signed the guestbook (but it wasn't immediately posted on the site.)”

“The design is gorgeous with all links easy to locate, well organized and opening easily. Content is excellent and fits the category to which it applied. I would give it a gold award, because of its professional look, and the fact that this webmaster seems to work very hard to update and maintain this site so that it is fresh every day.”



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