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"The darkness suffocates me.  It haunts my dreams and destroys my waking hours" Binks
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How can you tell?


Through the crowded aisles
I push the shopping cart
I wonder why I feel this way;
At the local mart

I look forward with such fear
Reaching  high; is he near?
Is it him over there
Wandering around without a care?
Is it him, is that his head?
Why does it fill me with such dread?
Why does my heart begin to beat
He is the person not to meet

Why is this girl freaking out
Why does she just want to shout
Who is this person? you may say
Who is spoiling this ones shopping day?

What kind of monster brings this out
What kind of monster brings such doubt
Is it a terror that makes her scream
That makes her change, that makes her mean?

It is a man, who is meek and mild
Who molested this lady as a child
Who took an innocent little girl
And made her just want to unfurl

He made her want to hide
He made her want to commit suicide
He made her just freak out
He made her just want to doubt

He took her soul;
He took her life
A dreadful nightmare
A horror strife

And now as she just shops
Her heart starts, her heart stops
It might be him; who will appear
Causing horror, causing fear

What can she do; where can she go
The memories follow; a horror show
Can she hide; can she run
Can she find happiness, can she find fun?

Is he marked, how can you tell
Will you meet him; discover his hell?
Does he carry a big sign
Saying pedophile; awful swine

No they don't; they are all around
Causing strife; they can be found
They are small; they hide well
Causing this horror; this awful hell

What would you do if you saw this guy
At the shop, as you did buy
If you saw him in the street
If you did happen if you did meet?

I doubt you would ever glance
This monster given half a chance
For he looks the same as you
Shopping like you are too


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