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What is Child Sexual Abuse?


  • penetrative intercourse (oral, anal or vaginal) between a child below a predefined age of consent (generally between 12 and 18 years) and an adult (or a much older child),
  • asking a child to give consent to any kind of penetrative intercourse
  • fondling a child's genitals,
  • asking, forcing, or inducing a child to fondle genitals (either his or her own, an adult's, or another child's),
  • acting as a pimp for child prostitution (including a parent acting as a pimp),
  • inducing a child to behave sexually in a performance, or to appear in child pornography,
  • asking, forcing, or inducing a child to watch any kind of sexual behavior (including masturbation),
  • asking, forcing, or inducing a child to look at adult genitals
  • lewd action towards children, including disseminating pornography to a minor
  • asking, forcing, or inducing a child to undress for any reason other than to help a child who is too young or otherwise unable to wash, dress exclusively to keep hygiene for himself or herself,
  • observing a child's genitals for any reason other than for examining existing health problems.
  • any sexual interaction of a child with an adult or other child where coercion or a power differential is present
  • purposefully undressing in front of or being seen nude around one's children after they have reached the age of awareness (often estimated as early as four or five and as late as ten years of age)
  • bathing a child who is old enough and capable enough to bathe himself/herself


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