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"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"  Einstein
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Survivor Tips
Here is what has helped for me -  perhaps they may help you.  Why not contact us via our anonymous online form if you have another tip to add to the list - others may benefit from your knowledge.

First of all seek help from a qualified therapist that you feel comfortable with.  Though the following tips may be of help, make it a priority seeking professional help.

Try a few - different things work for different people. 

  • Journalling - see section on journalling and tips on how to.
  •  Breathe - in times of panic - breathe slowly, deeply, practice it when you are feeling calm and relaxed
  •  Use of aromatic oils - lavender, frankinsense, strong scents
  •  Relaxation music
  •  Hug a special teddy bearHug a teddy
  •  Speak to a friend
  • Seek help from a qualified therapist  
  • Call counselling lines listed your phone book
  •  Seek friends who are supportive
  •  Have a warm bath
  •  Read a book
  •  Try online forums and chats (see links)
  •  Educate yourself on abuse - realise you are not alone,Google "Sexual Abuse"
  •  Find a therapist you can trust
  •  Obtain books (see book lists)
  •  Exercise
  •  Take it at your own pace, realise what triggers you
  •  Commit to healing
  •  Create a list of emergency telephone numbers as to who you will contact
  •  Create a list of "things to do" in bad times
  •  Realise YOU ARE NOT ALONE
  •  Sign or read the guestbook / share your story section.
  •  Keep seeking help.
  •  Listen to inspirational speakers or music, tapes, meditation tapes
  •  Ensure time for yourself. - take time outs from your day
  •  Enjoy a coffee or a walk in the park.
  •  Join a sexual abuse group in your areaEnjoy a cuppa
  •  Join another type of group - sports club, craft club, games club, book club
  •  Volunteer your time to help others
  •  Buy a small gift for yourself - bath salts, oils, bubble bath
  •  Enjoy a coffee with a friend
  •  Use index cards with short inspirational messages throughout the day - pin them to your mirror for daily inspiration
  •  Imagining a safe place in your mind
  •  Try something new - canoeing, card games, hockey, camel riding
  •  Try writing, poetry, photography, art, dancing, theatre or other artistic ventures to express feelings.

Tips for trying to get to sleep
  •  Make yourself a warm hot chocolate/warm milk
  •  Read - take your mind off things
  •  Write in your journal what the problem is
  •  Watch tv
  •  Listen to the radio
  •  Have a warm bath
  •  Cuddle your teddy bear
  •  Try aromatic oils
  •  Call and chat to a friend

Tips for nightmares

  •  Try to fight back if you can
  •  If you can, assign someone else to keep an eye on you
  •  Hug your teddy - why not give him/her a name?
  •  Sleeping is essential - remember you may not have a nightmare
  •  Write down your nightmare soon after having it
  •  Prepare beforehand - sleep with soft music going or something that will soothe you
  •  Go to sleep breathing a few drops of lavendar (or other soothing oil of your choice) on a tissue

Do you wish to add a tip to the list - contact us.

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