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"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"  Einstein
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The Country Road
A butterfly travels along a country road, filled with excitment and joy, happiness and love. His life is filled with wonder, and his heart bouyant and his smile large. 

He turns to his left and sees a road full of pot holes, and winding turns and mountains so high they touch the clouds.  He sees mulitudes of caterpillars on the road carrying heavy packs, trying desperately to avoid the pot holes, but envitably falling in.

The caterpillars on the left have sad expressions, hunched and desperate to stay stuck in one place, trying to climb the mountains but forever stumble backwards.

The butterfly wanders along for a while, puzzling over the caterpillars to his left.  Why do they not unburden themselves of the pack?  Why do they not chose to move around the pot holes, or take the cut off road to join him on the country road?  Why must they be forever  tormented by the dark clouds that gather around them?

He calls out to one of the caterpillars on the road to the left. 

"Caterpillar", he calls with all his might

"Why must you continue down your road?"

The caterpillar to his left ignores him, moving forward with an angry expression.

"Caterpillar can you hear me - why is your life forever tormented?"

The caterpillar to his left ignores him still, but continues forward on his road ever more steadfast than before.

The Butterfly is puzzled.  What can he do for this Caterpillar?  Should he swap to the other side of the road and unburden him of his pack, help him with his hands to move away from the potholes?  Should he cross over to the track on the left? 

The Butterfly  looks forward, unsure what to do.  He is fortunate to be on the country road, the sun is shining and the day bright. 

He looks forward and watches a different caterpillar, use the cut off road which joins the country road to the road to the left.  The caterpillar moves slowly at first, but then builds up steam.

The caterpillar is dazed, for he is not used to the bright sun, and he is light as a feather without his pack.  There is no potholes on the road, and the rain has been banished.

"Welcome to the country road caterpillar" he said.  "It is different here, let me show you the way."

With that, the Butterfly helps the caterpillar don his wings.

He remains puzzled and asks the new Butterfly:

"Butterfly, why did you cross the road, and not the others.  Why did you hear my call and not them"

The Butterfly smiles at his new friend. 

"It is simple, new friend, it is called FEAR"


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