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"Highly developed spirits often encounter resistance from mediocre minds"  Einstein
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So Many Questions... So Few Answers

Do you ever wonder what life is for?
Do you feel like your heart has hit the floor?
Do you ever think you wanna die?
Do you ever sit down solely to cry?
Do you ever think that no one cares?
Do you ever think for you nobodies there?
Do you ever feel like you're being used?
Are you someone who is abused?
Do you take drugs or smoke cigarettes?
Are you tired of all those worthless regrets?
Do you ever feel like you are lonely?
Do you ever think that it's no longer the "one and only?"
Do you ever think that nobody hears you?
Do you ever think that they will never include you too?
Do you think you will always be alone?
Are you sitting there listening to the dial tone?
Do you ever wanna stab someone in the heart?
Or feel like ripping someone apart?
Do you hate your parents and your friends?
Or like you can't wait for this life to end?
Do you ever wonder who will save you?
Do you ever wonder if you will make it through?
Do you ever cut yourself with a knife?
Do you often try to take your own life?
Have you ever tried to runaway?
Try to drown yourself in a deep ocean bay?
Have you tried to jump off a mountain that stands so high?
Scream out loud, "WHY, WHY, WHY?"
Do you cry yourself to sleep each night?
Are you told you get into too many fights?
Around someone else are you afraid to breathe?
Do you just wanna get up and leave?
Are you made to do something you don't wanna do?
Ever feel like there's no good friend for you?
Ever feel like you've been left out?
Do you wanna get in front of a large audience and scream and shout?
Do you ever wanna take a gun to your head?
Do your blankets have a thick coating of red?
Are you ever worried about what you should say?
Or if on this hell is where you should stay?
Have you ever compared tears to rain?
Have you ever said, "My arm's been slain."?
Do you ever wish you could mess someone else up?
Ever feel like telling someone to just SHUT-UP!?
Feel like you never know where you are going?
Feel like the sadness you have hid has begun showing?
Ever feel like everything is the same?
Does being made fun of make you feel lame?
Do you cry when a friend passes you by?
Do they even bother to say a simple, "Hi!"?
Feel like the only thing you are is sad?
Desperately hate your mom or your dad?
Bring a razor blade with you wherever you go?
Do you think you'll use it or will you never know?
Do you spin outside in the summer rain?
Inside all you feel is pain?
Do you lick the blood off of your arm?
Yell at yourself that you need to calm?
Ever feel like you are not free?
Think of dying happily?
Do you bang your head on a hard brick wall?
And your friends don't even care at all?
Do you ever smile while inside you frown?
Has everything you've ever known let you down?
Do you ever feel too tired to sleep?
Does anyone ask you why you weep?
Do all of these questions circle inside your head?
While outside you smile instead?

by ~Stevie~ © 

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