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"I hope you know why I'm crying;  as my tears know you're the cause" Elnaz
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Little Girl Gone


This poem is published in

YOU ARE NOT ALONE - The Book Of Companionship
For Women Struggling With Eating Disorders

is an inspiring collection of personal stories, poems and artwork from 34 amazing women affected by eating disorders from around the world.

Little Girl Gone

The winter wind blows against my face
The tear weeps, it leaves no trace
My heart expands when I see you gone
It is for you that I will ever mourn

That little girl I once used to be
The quiet girl that was me
Has disappeared, and I cry a tear
Forever in my heart; forever near

I look at photos now many years on
I see the look that is now gone
The tears of sorrow, downward gaze
The darkened avenues; the grey haze

For now I fit another mould
I see rainbows and pots of gold
I look up and see a bright blue sky
I see happiness standing by

The time for joy is here at last
It is here, it comes so fast
The smile of love shows its face
A greatness now in sorrows place.

Whitedove ©
September 2005
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