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Welcome to Whitedoves Nest - a site dedicated to survivors of sexual abuse and those that support them

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"  - Albert Einstein

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About this site
Whitedoves Nest was developed over a period of two months in Australia, moved to the internet in late August 2005 after being developed, tested and deployed by a female web designer.  This website is hosted in Central America and supported by web hosters in Eastern Australia.

Statistics show that since its launch in August/September 2005, is receiving regular daily hits including visits from Japan, Canada, USA, Sweden, Europe, Finland and Germany.  For up to date statistics on the site, please see the "You are not alone" hit guide at the bottom of most pages. The "You are not alone" stats guide was published to make aware to the visitor that there are others out there, dealing with the issues, just like them. 

Site Templates

The site utilises templates designed by  The design was modified in March 2006, to a colourful representation expressing in an image form, the poem "A Child at the Beach".  The web designer wishes to thank the developers and various supporters of the program that runs behind the scenes, for their continuing help and guidance.  

In May 2006, a new Purple Flower Template appears on numerous pages throughout the site.  The purple flower design was donated to Whitedoves Nest by Livinhope.  Livinhope uses photography to  aid in her healing journey and kindly gave permission to use the purple flower appearing in the header.  In June 2006, the Union through Strength template was added to the site.  The Bundle of Sticks - "Union though Strength" is an Aesop Fable and can be in the Articles and Stories link .  It represents the power of speaking to others and not keeping silent.
What does it take to develop a website?

Hard work, understanding and dedication to the site itself.  Skills, knowledge and the experience to ask questions and to understand the answers. Technobabble know - how and research into the topic.

Most of all perservance to find the answers and to understand that solutions will be found

We wish to thank all of those involved in this project, and those, who have helped in the past.

© A Child at the Beach by Whitedove Dec 2005

As she runs along the beach
Her thoughts hurt; out of reach
Her feet dig into the soft sand
She runs; she hides; her life planned

She looks out on the distant sea
Her thoughts lost; where is me?
Why do I have to live this life
The pain cuts like a knife

The buildings stand resolute
Above the beach; their silence mute
The waves crash on the shore below
Her thoughts whirl; everything slow

What would happen; she thought inside
If I just ran to the waves to hide;
If I just let them take me in
If I just let them hide my sin

What would it be like to step away
From this life that held her at bay
To stop the pain and anguish beneath
To belay the misery; internal grief

She continues to run, full speed ahead
Just one step to the right; she's dead
The waves would take her; problems gone
She would not feel the guilt; it is the norm

Why you may ask is she here?
Running the beach; terror near
Wanting to end it; wanting to hide
Wanting to take relief in suicide?

Her father molested her for many years
Her father brought forward many tears
Fear was beyond mention; ever there
Back in the car; she knew no care

For she would have to continue on
Hiding, dreading; happiness gone
She would have to deal with her dad
Touching; taunting; eternally sad

For now years on the pain is still there
But now she has found others that truly care
She remembers back; the moment gone
She remembers of this time; forlorn

For if she had taken her life
She would not be a loving wife
Her kids would not be now and here
Others would live with this frightening fear

There would be no tears tonight
She would be forgotten; forever in fright
No one would know what lay beneath
The fear; the awful pain of grief

This poem would not be read to
Spreading the message of grief to you
She would be a tombstone covered in moss
Laying beneath a large wooden cross

Her life fulfilled now; many years on
The pain still there, but the horror gone
She worked through what it all meant
And her father now; reported, 100 percent



Supporters of Whitedove

B. K.
B. F.
The Ladies!!!!
Black Crow

Many Anonymous Survivors
Online Communities at Broken Spirits and After Silence Message Boards for sexual abuse/assault survivors.
Thank you to previous visitors who have made this site what it is and for your continued patronage.

Thank you all.


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