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Welcome to Whitedoves Nest - a site for sexual abuse survivors and those that support them

"I hope you know why I'm crying;  as my tears know you're the cause" Elnaz
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Websites as a Tool for Healing 3433
Info for Supporters of Survivors 2932
Josephine; my happy creature 3164
What is Child Sexual Abuse? 3947
Protecting Children from Childhood Sexual Abuse 12028
Hand Prints and Stories Needed - The Show of Hands 3623
Fortune Cookie Inspirations 3195
Song Lyrics - Becoming by April McLean 3531
Celebrating 2000 Unique Visitors 3405
Why not try essential oils? 2939
Sexual Assault - Children aged 1-4 3311
Small steps 2965
The Lizards Tale 2802
Tips On Boosting Your Self-Confidence 2726
I cannot go on.. 2687
The Country Road 4040
Where can I connect with other survivors? 14086
Talk to your children 4477
To fly....... 3182
When You Say Nothing At All 3081
Chinese Proverbs 3225
The Owl and the Eagle 2816
The Bundle of Sticks - Aesops Fables 2758
Petition - 2579
Journaling for Two Couples Journals 2172
Courage 2442
Try a Magazine Collage 2460
Myths & Facts 2310
Quilt Image 2469
Online Writing Competition 2477
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